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  • New enhancements coming up in Vista Plus Output Manager (VPOM) 5.5.1

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Wednesday 23 July, 2014
Karim El-Cheikh Karim El-Cheikh StreamServe Employee
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The latest major release of VPOM 5.5.0 has been updated with a minor release that has some useful enhancements and fixed issues. The release of 5.5.1 is targeted August 2014 and the article describes the added features and product enhancements. No change to the integration with StreamServe is needed.
Vista Plus Output Manager 5.5.1 is a complete release of all Output Manager server and client components.

  • Extended Security for Queues and Devices

The new extended security for queues and devices lets administrators control which users will see each queue and device in the Administration Client and QWeb. When this feature is enabled, only users who are authorized for a particular queue or device will see that queue or device listed in those clients.

By default, extended security is off, so all users will see all queues and devices. Even when it is on, it affects only the Administration Client and QWeb. Users with access to the command line interface will still be able to use commands for any queue or device.

Extended security is configured and maintained through WinCQ.

  • New SAP Device Export

Vista Plus Output Manager 5.5.1 adds two new features to enable you to export Output Manager devices for use in SAP:

• You can now assign an SAP device type to any Output Manager device. To make this possible, you can import a list of device types that has been exported from SAP

• You can export some or all Output Manager device definitions to a text file that is formatted correctly for import to an SAP LOMS.

For more information, See the “SAP Integration” section of Chapter 3 of the Vista Plus Output Manager Administrator’s Guide.


  • Support for Content Server Versioning

The Content Server interface now supports versioning for files sent from Output Manager to Content Server. The <Versioning> element in the XML data file used when sending files to Content Server determines whether or not a new version is created if the destination file already exists in the Content Server folder.


  • New Option for dumpqdb Command

The new –Ih (inhibit header) option for the dumpqdb command removes the first line—“DUMPQDB (Dump Queue Database)”—from the output.


  • New Option for qr Command

The new –pq option for the qr command tells Output Manager to attempt to count the pages in the spooled file when the –IS option (inhibit spooling) is used. Without –pq, using –IS prevents Output Manager clients from showing the number of pages in the file.

  • Webs Service API created as a service/daemon

The Web Service API can be now started as a service or daemon running in the background, in 5.5.0 it was started by a script launching the WS API process.


VPOM 5.5.1 is the preferred version for StreamServe integration because of the 2 enhancements Extended Security for Queues and Devices Webs Service API created as a service/daemon



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