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  • Running Vista Plus Output Manager (VPOM) on High Availabilty environments

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Friday 24 January, 2014
Karim El-Cheikh Karim El-Cheikh StreamServe Employee
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The main topic is describing the difference between running VPOM Server HA, VPOM Server to Host Distributed Print (redundancy) and what are the required licensing steps.

VPOM Server in a HA environment

  • Requires at least two server nodes layered with in the multi-host environment (i.e. host A & host B) for a single VPOM Server HA configuration
  • Special key file with both license keys configured to the common volume between these two hosts
  • Key server files (Config files and DB, spool) are located with-in the common volume shared between these two hosts.
  • VPOM HA  is typically configured with HA Software i.e. HACMP
  • ***Two Server Licence Files are required


VPOM Client/Server – distributed Print

  • Primary host is located within a major Datacenter
  • Secondary hosts (jme’s) are distributed to regional/ locations

o   Each JME Host if defined to the server instance (QME)

  • Spool originates in regional location, JME holds spool, JME executes the “job” to be spooled, QME manages/tracks the job
  • If JME host cannot be reached then the spool will fail-over to a secondary host that can execute the spool Job.

o   Hosts are configured with in the Queue level.

  • VPOM is required to be configured with HA for server and each JME instance to provide HA.
  • **Licence File is generated with Server and Client (JME) flags, each JME instance needs to be identified and the licence file needs to be configured accordingly.  If running in a HA environment then two Licence files need to be generated with the same configuration.
For more detailed information about installation and administration please read the Administrators Guide.pdf and InstallingOutputManager.pdf of user documentation of VPOM, you can also have an overview of the VPOM at http://streamshare.streamserve.com/Articles/Article/?articleId=630

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