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  • StreamServe 5.6.1 integration with Easylink Cloud Service

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Tuesday 29 October, 2013
Karim El-Cheikh Karim El-Cheikh StreamServe Employee
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EasyLink Cloud Services provides cloud-based electronic messaging and business integration services. StreamServe 5.6.1 utilizes the EasyLink WebService API for sending email, fax and sms.

Key Benefits of using Easylink

 You get The Right Message, at the Right Time, in the Right Format:

The Data is delivered in a single source cloud based multi-modal communications platform for maximum efficiency. The notification can be easily managed via the webportal, the messages are sent I real time and save IT infrastructure and IT cost thus reducing operating expenses. The system facilitates privacy, security, auditing and records-keeping mandates

Examples of Notification Applications:

Banking Notifications

  • Overdraft
  • Fraud
  • Credit Card Activation
  • Transaction Completion

Utility Services / Business Continuity

  • Outage and Restoration Notifications
  • Proactive Service Alerts
  • Appointment Scheduling and Confirmation
  • User Advisory Alerts
  • Updates to First Responders

Pharmacy Notifications

  • Prescription Ready / Refill

Medical Notifications

  • Appointment Confirmations
  • Medication Reminders

Accounts Receivable Management

  • Payment Notifications
  • Billing / Invoice Notifications
  • Late Payment Reminders


  • School Closings / Delayed Openings
  • Delayed or Cancelled Flights

The StreamServe 5.6.1 integration:

The EasyLink connectors let you send output via the OpenText EasyLink cloud-based fax and notification services. By using these connectors, you can send output via the following channels:

  • Email
  • Fax
  • Text message (SMS)

Steps to set up the EasyLink connectors

1)      In Design Center, create a WebService connection profile of a subtype for EasyLink

2)      In the physical Platform layer you select the type

  • EasyLink Email
  • EasyLink Fax
  • EasyLink SMS

EasyLink Email

The EasyLink connectors support the UTF-8 code page.

You can use the Attachment output connector together with the EasyLink output connector to add attachments to emails.

Inline images are sent as attachments: You cannot add attachments with a MIME content type that is multipart/related in emails sent via EasyLink, which prevents you from adding HTML inline images in the email body. Instead inline images are automatically added as attachments to emails.

If you use StoryTeller, you can use linked images in the email

Note: You cannot add watermarks to emails sent via the EasyLink email output connector.

EasyLink Fax

  • You must use the PDF driver with the EasyLink Fax output connector
  • The EasyLink connectors support the UTF-8 code page.

EasyLink SMS
Output format, Process, and driver prerequisites:

  • This output connector supports text-based output.
  • You can use any Process with this connector except for SMSOUT. But it is recommended to use Template Engine or StreamOUT. If you use a Process that creates page-formatted output, such as StoryTeller or PageOUT, you must use the Matrix Printer / Text file driver.
  • The EasyLink connectors support the UTF-8 code page.

Setting up HTTPS communication with EasyLink

You can secure the communication with EasyLink by using SSL version 3 or TLS version 1.

The following steps are required to set up HTTPS communication with EasyLink:

  1. Obtain a public key certificate from EasyLink. Visit the https://apiforums.easylink.com/ for more information.
  2. Add the certificate to a Java KeyStore.
  3. In the resource set in Design Center, import the certificate and set up a certificate store profile resource for the certificate
  4. In the resource set, set up a secure channel profile resource.
  5. In the resource set, set up the web service profile resource.

For more information see the User Documentation or Online Help for StreamServe 5.6.1 and the easylink apiforums.

Enable Java for the StreamServe application in Control Center:

In Control Center, right-click the StreamServer application, click Java Configuration and on the Value list, click your Java vendor.               

Notification reports

The Notification reports can be accessed via the Easylink portal https://myportal.easylink.com/welcome.do. Please visit the http://easylink.com/about/contact-easylink.php for contacting sales representatives.

Comments (3)

  • Hi Karim,


    Can you tell us if / when there will be more features available in StreamServe?

    When using email we would love to be able:


    - Create trackable links

    - Setup of reports (which reports and what time frime)

    - Scheduled reads from Easylink to be able to interact.

    - Upload attachements as click to download


    And many more features that EasyLink has to offer.


    Kind Regards,


    Tim Hageraats

    Tuesday 25 February, 2014 by Tim Hageraats
  • Hi Tim, 

    Thanks for your suggestions. I will put those in our backlog to be revised when we plan for 5.6.1 CF3. It should be possible to achieve these functions with easylink. They are implemented in their API but we have to do some integration development.

    Regarding Scheduled reads from Easylink to be able to interact. I am not sure what you mean here can you please elaborate?




    Monday 03 March, 2014 by Karim El-Cheikh
  • Hi Karim,


    Thank you for your time, what I mean is:

    - To scheduled read Soft / Hard bouncers from a campaign. to inform the source systems or distributer.

    - To Act based on results - Automatic A/B testing mechanisms for campaigns that are made from StreamServe. (yes they find the tooling perfect! )


    Kind Regards,


    Tim Hageraats


    Monday 03 March, 2014 by Tim Hageraats


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