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  • StreamServe Integration 5.6.1 with Vista Plus Output Manager 5.5 (VPOM)

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Tuesday 22 October, 2013
Karim El-Cheikh Karim El-Cheikh StreamServe Employee
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In 5.6.1 CF1 (cumulative fix 1) released in Sept 2013 the integration with VPOM using event based webservice calls. This seamless integration with the OpenText VPOM, enhances the assured delivery and spool management delivered by the former 3rd party product Output Center with regards to functionality, security and performance. VPOM provides as well an orchestration environment to control and monitor the assured delivery content to printers and other destinations across the enterprise.
This new integration requires VPOM version 5.5 that is planned to be released around October-November 2013. An LA version of VPOM 5.5 can be acquired today - please contact kelcheik@opentext.com for more information.

VPOM is a component of OpenText's Report & Output Management suite for managing and coordinating the processing and multi-channel delivery of your print and other document output. The proper format, layout and delivery of jobs such as statements, invoices, pick list, bill of loading, financial reports etc, are critical to running your business. Vista Plus Output Manager significantly automates the print process and provides assurance of delivery at the right time in the right format to the right device.

Business Benefits

  • Ensure delivery of mission critical information reaches their intended devices
  • Reduce help desk costs with centralized command and control of distributed environments
  • Track and manage costs with audit logs for SLA, trending and charge-back
  • Automate the output process by ensuring device readiness, providing job status, failover with automatic re-routing and notification
  • Burst, bundle and re-format mainframe-generated content for delivery to repositories such as OpenText Content Server, eDOCS, Vista Plus and Microsoft® SharePoint®

 Technical Benefits

  • Works with any TCP/IP Printer
  • Works with the existing manufacture’s print drivers
  • Easy network device configuration with auto discovery
  • Flexible configurations with rules-based routing

Vista Plus Output Manager key features:

Centralized Views

Consolidate your print infrastructure with centralized views of all jobs and destination devices in your enterprise. The VPOM Windows or Web console allows administrators to have command and control to re-run, re-route, re-prioritize, delete and hold jobs as well as track job and device status. Different levels of administration can be set up for super administrators, help desk personnel, departmental or regional administrators. A thick Administrative Client is provided as well as a simpler WebUI.

Ensured Delivery
VPOM ensures delivery of output to its intended destination, whether printers, fax servers, mail servers, etc. If a device is down, VPOM can automatically re-route the job to the next device and notify users and administrators of the changes.

Cluster Printing
VPOM supports clustering of devices for increased efficiency when printing large reports. This can help reduce your production runs significantly by breaking up a single job and distributing it across a cluster of multiple printers.

Output Scheduling and Orchestration
VPOM provides full job scheduling capabilities of your jobs to automate and better control your output processes. VPOM orchestrates the processing of real-time jobs with other dependencies across different operating system platforms and business application environments.

Forms Management
VPOM provides the ability to intelligently and dynamically apply a pre-defined electronic form, or ensure job pulls from a designated paper tray for pre-printed forms.

Burst and Bundle
The burst and bundle feature allows a report to be physically burst into multiple sections or taking multiple reports and concatenating them together into a single report, eliminating the need to manually decollate or bundle.


Data Interrogation
Your business policies can be enforced based on job attributes such as job size, job name, device type, queue volume, user, date, time etc. or by parsing the job's content for index values This allows administrators to automate business logic within your output processing.



Auditing capabilities track a user's jobs and device usage. This information can be used for chargeback purposes to monitor which users and departments are using the most resources. Additionally these log files are a good resource for trending, to allow IT administrators the ability to project future usage or re-assign resources. This ensures service level agreements and efficient use of printers are met.


SAP X-OMS certified

VPOM is certified to SAP’s X-OMS (eXtended Output Management System) interface, and enhances the native output capabilities of SAP while also offloading the print processing from your OLTP system. By providing a bi-directional link between the SAP application and the target destination devices, VPOM ensures delivery of output and proactively notifies users and administrators of any errors.


StreamServe VPOM Integration

It is based on new WebService API:

  • *Job and Device State Notification are event based; VPOM pushes the notifications into the StreamServe Service Gateway receiving the notification on notification state changes. This will notify the StreamServe system of all notification deltas and will work without risk of job notification duplication in a HA solution where you could have several service request connectors and Service Gateways running in Parallel.
  • The Job submission using a new Web Service profile you configure in Design Center is multithreaded with highly increased job submission throughput as a result.
  • New SXD (StreamServe XML Dictionary) files for easy MessageIN event deployement.
  • Large number of job submission and JOB and Device state variables can be used.
  • Job submission and notifications can be used for multiple destination types e.g. printers, fax, email, Content Server
  • StreamServe will be able to delay StreamServe top job completion after delivery from output connector so that the VPOM system can set the job to completed.

What is New in VPOM version 5.5?

  • New Operator User Type: intermediate between normal users and queue or device administrators.
  • New Region Display Option
  • Single Sign On (SSO) Support
  • Support for IPP Output Devices
  • Content Server Integration: new queue type and new commands to send files and metadata about them for capture to Content Server
  • StreamServe Integration:Using Output Manager’s new Web Service API.
  • New Web Service API
  • Standardized Field Lengths standardized field lengths across all clients so all clients can use the same API calls to the QDB
  • More Control Over the QWeb Display by setting restrictions on the qweb.ini
  • Support for New Operating System Versions:RedHat Linux 6.3 and 6.4
  • New Documents: 
    • The Vista Plus Output Manager QWeb Client User Guide
    • Installing Vista Plus Output Manager

Attached you find VPOM_5.5_Strs561_integration.swf a short 5min demo in Adobe Flash file format of an end to end implementation with some of the features.

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  • Hi Karim, I don't see any attachments here :(Also maybe there is some demo key for installation of Vista Plus Output Manager, just to see how it looks.



    Monday 10 February, 2014 by Andriy Kolpakov
  • HI Andriy

    Unfortunately the attachement exceeded 4 MB so I could not upload the POM_5.5_Strs561_integration.swf to StreamShare. If anyone needs it I can share it by other means, email/ftp/tempobox etc...



    Monday 10 February, 2014 by Karim El-Cheikh
  • Hi Karim,

    Can you share the file to my mail ID : kchaitanya_kandala@yahoo.com


    krishna k

    Wednesday 10 June, 2015 by krishna chaithanya kandala
  • Hi Karim,

    Can you send me the demo too ? Mail ID: viktor.deines@gmail.com

    Thanky you very much.

    Wednesday 22 July, 2015 by Viktor Deines


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