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    What is GlobalStar?

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Tuesday 11 October, 2011
Ulrica Kajler Ulrica Kajler StreamServe Employee
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GlobalStar is OpenText’s way of saying “thank you” to our customers. Many of you have
generously offered us your time and support by participating in press releases and case
studies, speaking at OpenText events, or acting as a prospect reference. GlobalStar
allows us to show our gratitude for this continued support in the form of GlobalStar points
and the annual awards program.

Collecting Points

Points are earned by joining GlobalStar, by participating in reference activities, and through the awards program. GlobalStar makes it easy to collect points that can be redeemed toward any OpenText invoice, including licensing, training, or attendance at OpenText events such as the annual Content Day user conference.

Point Value

GlobalStar points adhere to the one-for-one principle: 1 point = US$ 1.00. You can redeem your points toward any OpenText invoice. For instance, if you participate in a success story with us, take two prospect reference calls, and participate in a focus group with Product Design, you can attend the next Content World free of charge!


You will become an official member of GlobalStar once you fill out the GlobalStar membership form online at http://www.opentext.com/customers/globalstar_form.html.

Participation Level

Platinum Membership
By enrolling in the Platinum level, you can earn GlobalStar points by participating in OpenText reference activities such as press releases, success stories, analyst interviews, speaking to prospects, and much more.
As soon as you sign up, you will be awarded 400 GlobalStar points worth US$ 400!

Gold Membership
By enrolling in the Gold level, you can earn GlobalStar points as a reference for OpenText prospects and/or by hosting an on-site visit for an OpenText prospect.
As soon as you sign up, you will be awarded 100 GlobalStar points worth US$ 100!

We hope to see you as a GlobalStar member in a near future. Any questions or comments you might have are always welcome to: ukajler@opentext.com



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