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Wednesday 24 November, 2010
Karin Westlund Karin Westlund OpenText Employee StreamServe Employee
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Göteborg Energi is one of Sweden's largest energy companies and offers electricity, district heating, pre-heating, gas, and energy services. The group is a long time StreamServe customer, and has recently developed its customer communications further.

Local newsletter with the invoice

Göteborg Energi regularly sends a newsletter to its customers, featuring updates on new services, recent information from the energy sector, and more.

One of the companies in the group, Falbygdens Energi, operates outside the city of Göteborg. They wanted their customer communication to support their position as a local supplier, which led to a request for adapting the content of the newsletter in order to make it more relevant to their customer base.

With StreamServe and a transition to one common full colour print flow for both the invoice and the newsletter, this requirement could be fulfilled. Earlier the newsletter was pre-printed in a separate process and distributed as an insert with the invoice, which was printed in black and white.

From black and white with inserts to a single full colour print flow

By moving to a single full colour print flow instead of pre-printed inserts, Göteborg Energi gained flexibility. It is no longer necessary to have the same information to all recipients; the newsletter could actually be as dynamic as the invoice. The result is that Falbygdens Energi now has its own version of the newsletter - with customised, local information.

The change only has minor effects on the organisation. The main difference is that the marketing department, which produces the content of the newsletter inhouse, now creates a separate version of the content for Falbygdens Energi.

Falbygdens Energi is the first company in the group to implement this process, but more companies are likely to follow. The cost of full colour print is no longer an issue - even at relatively low volumes the total cost is more or less equivalent to what it was before the change. The handling is easier and updates to the content can be made much later in the process.

The result

Falbygdens Energi is satisfied and has achieved what it wanted – a stronger position in its local market. The information is more relevant to their customers than was previously the case, when every customer received an identical insert whether you were situated in the Falbygden region or in the city of Göteborg.

Göteborg Energi initiated this change, based on the request from Falbygdens Energi. But the fact that you can now run the entire print flow in full colour, including the invoice itself, also opens up new opportunities ahead. Some companies, such as Göteborg Energi Nät, are sales organisations that are interested in using the invoice for up and cross sell.



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