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  • Extends online bill presentment capabilities and facilitates access to valuable information from legacy and packaged applications.

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Tuesday 09 November, 2010
Jessica Sundstrom Jessica Sundstrom StreamServe Employee
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Operating as a regulated, vertically integrated, customer-focused power company, CLP Power Hong Kong is the largest utility in Hong Kong, responsible for providing power to more than 2.1 million residential, commercial, and industrial customers. To meet customer demand, CLP operates three power stations in Hong Kong and leases energy rights from two mainland power facilities. In addition to its leadership in innovation, supply reliability, and environ-mental practices, CLP also places a strong emphasis on creative business communications to support a key business process – customer billing.


As customer expectations rise, utility companies are increasingly seeking new ways to evolve beyond a single billing channel (typically a monthly mailed statement) and begin tailoring bills to customer preferences. Those preferences can encompass not only the information in the bill, but also the manner and format in which the bill is delivered.


Integrate and manage billing information to create a streamlined process that offers customers a choice of what format and channel they would like to receive their bill in.

Operating in one of the most populous and diverse cities in the world, CLP faced significant communication challenges in its billing processes, including:

  • Volumes of Bills – Each day, CLP processes up to 120,000 billing statements in numerous print formats, representing 8-12 GB of data
  • Multiple Languages – In addition to native residents, Hong Kong is home to many expatriates. As a result, utility bills must be offered in both Chinese (Cantonese) and English
  • Face-to-Face Payment – In Hong Kong, many customers pay their bills in person at CLP kiosks located throughout its supply territory, reflecting long-standing cultural traditions in which the company and customer maintain a strong personal, face-to-face relationship
  • Postal and Courier Delivery – In Hong Kong, many bills are delivered to customers through Hong Kong Post. However, in heavily populated apartment buildings and housing estates, CLP company couriers also hand deliver bills.
  • Extensive Archiving Needs – Not only must CLP manage the initial billing process, it must also archive each individual bill for future reference by customer service representatives. Given the number of customers, archiving presents substantial technical challenges


Responding to these challenges, CLP elected to deploy a comprehensive bill-presentment and payment system using StreamServe Utilities™. StreamServe Utilities extends CLP’s online bill presentment capabilities and facilitates access to valuable information from legacy and packaged applications.


Improved cash flow from shorter bill delivery time and lower TCO from a single solution.


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