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  • Improve productivitiy by enhancing the document presentment and high volume printing capability.

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Monday 08 November, 2010
Jessica Sundstrom Jessica Sundstrom StreamServe Employee
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The Electricity Supply Board (ESB) is the leading Irish electricity utility with 1.7 million customers. With such a large customer base and more than 10 million bills to be processed each year, knew it was critical to develop an efficient Enterprise Document Presentment solution if they wanted to maintain good customer relationships and keep administrative costs under control.


ESB had already invested in a comprehensive SAP system that served as the core of its business operations, and a new SAP IS-U module added billing capabilities to the solution. However, it still did not allow ESB to print a large volume of documents. The problem was that the SAP solution did not support the AFP format, the standard format for doing a large volume of printing. Also, ESB wanted to improve customer service by implementing a solution that made it easy for customer support staff to answer customer inquires quickly and accurately.


To improve productivity by enhancing the document presentment and high volume printing capability of their SAP environment, and to enhance customer service.


ESB implemented StreamServe Utilities so they could automatically convert SAP data into the market standard format for large volume printing and electronic billing.


Customer service has been improved, the design phase has been cut by up to 75 per cent, and all business documents automatically comply with corporate brand policy.

StreamServe Utilities also provides an archiving system that helps the ESB customer support staff to provide quick and accurate responses to customer inquiries. Support staff can now easily track and retrieve historic billing information. The information is displayed on the customer support staffer’s computer screen in the same format that the customer received it in. This way customers get instant
answers to their questions, misunderstandings are quickly resolved, and bills are paid in a more timely fashion.

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